We write dreams...

...between the pages of passed time, still living in the charm of unchanged folk traditions. We set the mood and the emotions of a traditional Italian borgo, a great location for whatever event you are planning, wedding, anniversary or corporate soiree surrounded by the magical atmosphere of an Apulian Masseria.



A romantic trip through feelings and emotions which evoke the real soul of Puglia thanks to elegant play of light, ancient sounds, traditional food and more...


Corporate soiree

Live moments that you’ll remember forever, share the emotions and spontaneous cheerfulness of a folk celebration.


Private Events

Experience a light hearted party in a very Puglia style, enriched with festival illuminations, folk music and traditional tasteful food.

We believe we can realize all that we imagine. We have been loving our traditions and folk celebrations since we were young and we have never abandoned them. In Festa is a Service and Event Organization Agency, ideal for those who love Puglia and its unmeasurable cultural heritage.We set up the atmosphere of a traditional folk celebration in a restored Masseria. With attention to details, we create an unrepeatable and unconventional event for those who really want to amaze their guests. We work with experts in this field in order to make your event the best in its kind: a fascinating and emotional trip that we hope having with you.

Play of lights, ancient sounds and authentic taste or, simply, the traditions of Puglia In Festa are waiting for you.

Art Director

In Festa was born from Art Director Graziano Cinnamo ‘s idea and love for traditions, who has always been fascinated by the colorful lighting during folk celebration and by the engaging band music, which are cultural heritage of Puglia.

Exploring every day new horizons and keeping old folk tradition alive, despite hustle and bustle of everyday life, Graziano Cinnamo, young and ambitious businessman, turned his passion into his job.

President of the association PugliArmonica, Graziano studied at Accademia degli Eventi in Rome, worked as art director for many important events and folk celebrations as Saint Nicola celebration in the town of Squinzano, and as event planner for the main celebration in Salento: Saint Oronzo in Lecce, which received wonderful feedback form the attendees, both tourist and locals.

Our Blog

Dicono di Noi


“ability in setting up the real mood of a traditional folk celebration is the main feature of In Festa Professionalism. We took part to an anniversary they organized, and we have been amazed by the attention to details and by the kaleidoscopic combination of colors that enriched the event.”


“in October I took part to a committee soiree organized by In Festa in a Masseria called Melcarne. It was an extraordinary event, where traditions met elegance and splendor. Un unrepeatable experience.”


“Food was a combination between traditional recipes and tasty culinary innovation. We enjoyed the entertainment and the location was wonderfully lighted by Luminarie. A spectacular wedding party, ended with the cutting cake on the bandstand surrounded by a colorful fireworks show.”


“with In Festa events, quality and experience are guaranteed, this agency is the only one able to masterfully combine elegance and heart lighted entertainment. The location chosen by InFesta will leave you breathless. In Festa is the symbol of splendor. Your event will be extraordinary, a real folk celebration style party in a private Masseria.”


“An old charming play of light, pizzica music, and band music, was a real assault on the senses. We revalued the importance of being together. We have been incessantly amazed, it was not an ordinary event. A magnificent scenography, we were amazed and we have been looking upward all the fireworks!”